Rank Your Google Business Profile of Your Dubai Business

Google Business Profile (GBP) helps businesses maintain their online profile on Google, also, this can manage their appearance on Google Search, Shopping, and Maps. This way, businesses can reach out to desired customers, make updates, list, and showcase their products, services, and menus, and ensure a favorable user experience.

Mastering (GMB) Google My Business is important to make your online business thrive, particularly if you’re dealing with the advanced and challenging market of UAE. Worry not, Dee Designers is here to provide you with all the essential info that you need to dominate your local market.

Rank Your Google Business Profile In Dubai

Google My Business Services in Dubai

Key Tricks For Ranking Your Google Business Profile In Dubai

Explore these helpful tips to rank your Google Business Profile, ensure better online visibility of your brand, and increase the likelihood of appearing in Google Maps. 

Claiming & Verifying GMB Listing

This is the first step towards improving the ranking of your online business and gaining more traffic and customers with the help of GBP. If your GMB listing hasn’t been claimed already, make sure you do it right away to have control over the information of your business and the authority to update it. You can verify the listing through call, email, or postcard and ensure credibility for your business.

Optimizing Brand Information

Make sure to have accurate and consistent information about your business across all online platforms. This includes NAP (name, address, and phone number) and the website URL of your business. Select entirely relevant categories and describe your products and services in detail with the help of dedicated keywords. Don’t forget to promote special offers, discounts, and unique selling points about what you are offering.

Encouraging Customer Reviews

Make sure you reach out to all your happy customers and leave feedback on the GMB listings of your Dubai business as positive reviews make a great difference. Over and above, it is equally important to address all the concerns of your customers by promptly engaging with all the reviews in a professional manner. And don’t forget to be thankful to the customers for sharing their experiences.

Uploading High-quality Media

Your GMB should contain relevant and appealing photos and videos of your business,  products, services, & your team (if any). You can also consider making short videos that showcase your products and/or conduct detailed or brief virtual tours of what you have to offer. Listings that feature photos are estimated to get up to 42% more itinerary requests and 35% more clicks by Google Experts.

Posting And Updating Regularly

Make updates about your business regularly and have promotions through Google Posts about all new products, services, features, events, and offers. Plus, you need to have maximum engagement with the visitors through the use of relevant hashtags and CTAs. This will also help you with local SEO and you can achieve better rankings and gain more trust of your audiences.

Getting Listed In Local Directories

Getting listed in local directories such as Foursquare, Yelp or Bing Places will help you increase your online presence and potential clients will have convenient access to necessary information about your business such as operating hours, contact numbers, and directions. This way, you can ensure that your Dubai business appears reputable to search engines, eventually getting more conversions.

Tracking Results And Proceeding Accordingly

Track the performance (views, clicks, visits) of your GMB listings with Google My Business Insights to learn about the progress and the modifications you need to make or the strategies you need to adapt. This will help you improve your GMB Ranking in Dubai and you can make more meaningful efforts to attract more and more customers to your online business. 

Some Beyond Basic Ideas To Rank Your GMB Profiles

Here are a few additional hacks to help you boost the ranking of your Google Business Profile. 

  • Research niche and location-specific long-tail keywords and utilize them strategically to gain more ranking and long-term benefits.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing into GMB titles, descriptions, and category choices; add them naturally for effective optimization. 
  • Respond to negative comments and feedback as well to encourage interaction and improve user experience. 
  • Conduct local engagements through GMB posts by hosting question-and-answer sessions and interesting events.
  • Reach out to local businesses and collaborate with them for mentions, valuable backlinks, and cross-promotions. 
  • Your videos, product listings, and articles should be in versatile formats, maximally attractive, and informative to attract as many people as possible. 
  • Post about local events, cultural festivals, holidays, and trends regularly for better visibility and interactions.
  • Invest in GMB Listing Management Tools with advanced features such as automated posting, sentiment tracking of reviews, and competitor analysis. 


With the above-mentioned info, you’ll be able to effectively optimize your Google Business Profile (GMB), boost your local rankings, attract endless potential customers, and generate maximum leads in the highly demanding digital world of Dubai, UAE. GMB listing serves as a gateway to real-world success through a strong online presence and you would want to master this platform as much as possible to ensure sustainable growth for your business in Dubai. In the end, we would encourage you to remain highly persistent regarding all your efforts to embrace ultimate success in the long run.